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Please find answer to common questions.

Where can I find the tile I am looking for?

We have a search bar at the top of each page which you use by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, in here you can search by entering a product name, code, collection name or brand name, if this does not return the product you are looking for we would suggest looking in the relevant room category, if you are unable to find the product that you are looking for on our website, it may be discontinued or out of stock, if you would like to contact us our Customer Services team will be happy to help you.

How do I know the size of the tiles?

You will find the dimensions of each tile on the product details page under “product details” underneath the product images, all measurements are provided in millimeters. If you should require any further details on the product that you cannot find on this page please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I need an architect or interior designer with me to visit an Styleon Art Factory showroom?

No, you do not. We are happy to walk any homeowner through the process and our highly-trained design associates will make the process easy.

What is Natural Stone?

Natural Stone is stone that is quarried and removed from the ground. Due to the mineral composition, natural stone is highly durable and is very resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Unlike ceramic tiles, natural stone does however require regular sealing and maintenance to keep it from absorbing spills and stains in the home.

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain?

Ceramic tiles are usually produced from red or white clay, finished with a glaze and fired in a kiln. They are suitable for both walls and floors in light to moderate traffic areas. Porcelain tiles are produced from porcelain clay and are usually a lot denser than a regular ceramic tile. These tiles are suitable for all residential and some commercial areas where there is high traffic. ‘Full bodied’ or ‘Through’ porcelains contain the colour or pattern all the way through the tile whereas glazed tiles have a sprayed or dipped glaze mixture added which is then fired onto the surface. This is why porcelain tiles are more suitable for high-wear commercial environments.

How can I drill a hole through porcelain tile?

Something like this should be left to a professional. The grout around the broken tile is removed first then the broken tile is carefully removed using a hammer and chisel. (Don’t forget to wear goggles). Scrape up all the hard mortar or adhesive. Then replace the tile and regrout.

What should I do if my goods arrived damaged?

We take measures to ensure that all products leaving our warehouse are in perfect condition, but it is possible that goods can become damaged during transport. When the goods arrive, you or your project manager (contractor, subcontractor, installer or any person responsible to the property owner for installation) must fully open & inspect all merchandise upon delivery to the job-site. All damages must be reported to the carrier and Styleon Art Factory in writing within 72 hrs of receipt, and any discrepancies should be marked on the Bill of Lading. Styleon Art Factory will process freight claims on your behalf at your request, but assumes no liability for the success of claims.

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